Ask Zaib Film Festival

What Is It?

We are filmmakers, we know that there are many filmmakers who got rejected by festivals and are not able to show their talents to the entire world. We choose a platform of social media, and their judges would be the public audiences.

How It Works?

When you submit your film, your video will directly be uploaded to our website as well as in our social media sites, Share your video to your friends and say them to share it. If your video get viral (Get Most Views) you will directly be the winner of this competition.

What Will Be Given To Winner?

If your Film Won, you will be awarded with money and a certificate of participation from our site.

So why you are late? upload your film now and get money.

Submission Methods:


Submit your project through film freeway easily.


Email Us:

Or send your film through email

Ask Zaib

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