Canon 1300d

(picture credits Christainu)


EOS 1300d is the is made by Canon. Canon is well known brand in this  world in its DSLR cameras.


Mostly a lens 18-55 is provided with the body of Canon 1300d. But you can buy your own to make it more professional.

Built In Flash

We know that photography in different situations needs a flash, such as low light character photography where you need a flash to lighten up the face of your character. So this camera has a built in flash for its low light photography. Yes it not good for video making but it is necessary for photography.


As we are well aware that most camera do not have any internal memory. Same is with this 1300d. This supports SD memory card. There are different size of SD Cards are available in market. I mostly use 32 GB SD cards.

Battery Life

Yeah we can not confirm the exact battery life of these DSLRs, these are vary with the usage of the camera and battery. I recommend you to buy extra batteries if you are going to buy a DSLR camera.


Many cameras do not support Wifi connection, but 1300d comes with wifi support. Means you can connect wifi with it for different purposes. I mainly  use wifi connection to store my images in cell phone.

Maximum ISO

This  camera is good in low light shooting of film and photos, because it has a maximum ISO of 6400, which is really a good ISO.

Video Quality

This camera does not record 4k video, but its quality is really good. You can record high quality HD Video in it.


I am not aware of pixels in these cameras but what we know if pixels increases then the quality of video will increase. 1300d has a 18 pixel camera.

Video Resolution

The video resolution of Canon 1300d is not so high, but it is good. This camera record video in HD 720 resolution which is not too bad.

So these are basic information related to the 1300d. But it does not support external mic. If you are a filmmaker, consider to buy a camera with external mic support. It is good for photographers.