Website? Nowadays everyone is interested in creating a website for his business or for making money online. But creating a website demand money from you. Blogger is a platform by Google which is free and you do not need to buy a hosting plan for blogger. If you are interested you just have to buy a domain name.

Today I will crack the steps which you have to follow to make your website.

Step 1: Making a Gmail ID:

As we know that google now has closed its service of Google+, so the steps for Blogger are changed a little. You have to create an email account in Gmail.

Step 2: Create the Blog:

  • You have to go on
  • Sign-in into blogger using the Gmail account you have created.
To Blogger

Sign In Photo

  • You will reach to the Blogger Dashboard. Now just click on Create New Blog. See Pic Below;
Creating Blog

Create Blog

After Clicking on create a blog, you will return to this page;

  • Choose your Blog’s Name.
  • Choose a URL for your blog. But remember it must be available so you will see the tick in front of it.
  • Choose a basic theme you like.
  • Click Create Blog!.

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Step 3: Write Your First Post

When you follow the above steps, you will create your Blog. Now you need to know about the posting in your Blog.

You will find the New Post button under the Posts tab.

New Post Picture

    New Post
  • Click On New Post.
Post Title Demo

Post Title

  • Write your Post Title.
  • Write Your Post Description.

After these steps, you have to add some labels in your post. Labels are like categories. These labels can be used for making different categories in your site or these will help to make the menu of your site.

Adding Labels to your blogger website

Adding labels

  • Insert Labels using Commas between them such as (demo, new post, amazing)
  • Click on done button.


Publish Post in your website

Publish Post

  • Click On Save to save your post in drafts.
  • Click on the preview to check how the post is looking before Publishing, so may change anything you want to.
  • Publish the post.

When you click on Publish button you will be returned to your Posts Page.

Reurn to post page of your website

Return to post page

Here in the Post Page, now you can see your recent uploaded post.  You can see it live if you click on it there come 3 options.

  1. EDIT: By which you can edit the post.
  2. View: So, clicking which you can see the post view.
  3. Delete:  You can delete the post.

If you click the View option you will see how your post looks like.

Post View Of your website

Post View

You can Also see the Blog View if you go to your Dashboard, Click  On view blog.

View Your Website

View Blog